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Online casino software developers. Quick review.

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Online Casino Software Developers.


In this part I will give just a brief overview of key online casino software developers. For detailed infornation on casino software from a particular developer see the corresponding section – Casino Software.

Big-name major-leage online casinos – in the ovewhelming number of cases – work on the same principle. A company, a casino-brand owner, purchases a license and software from a developer. Casino software developers are production-orientated (poker, bingo software etc). They also provide all-inclusive services like banking, support etc. To work out one’s own gaming platform is a challenging, time- and money-consuming task. Nowadays taking into account the increasing rivalry there are only few online casinos developing their own software. The solution is to buy the software from the major software developer. But still some online casinos producing their own software are able to meet the competition and successfully remain on the market. I’ll turn to them a liitle bit later.


What are the advantages of big name casino software developer?


Firstly, major companies are concerned about their reputation for if a company uses software from a well-known developer it’s regarded as a sign of a fair-dealing, trustworthing and foolproof online casino.
The second point here is increasing competition that forces companies to seek ways to improve their product through offering players new versions of software, inventing new games as well as enhancing the quality and usability of the games produced.
The third point is money transfer security. As a rule, each casino have in-built bank system which guarantees account security and confidenciality. At the same time it is way easier for a serious developer dealing with several dozens of online casinos to agree on introducing new e-payment systems.
The fourth point – Progressive Jackpots! If a casino uses software provided by a single developer it pays off a certain interest thus contributing to the progressive jackpot after each game played. Thereby the more casino uses the software provided by the same developer, the faster the progressive jackpot value grows.


Online casino software developers, software providers for online casinos.


BOSSMEDIA – Conservatism and classics are perhaps the first things that spring to mind when we are talking about this casino software developer. Almost all casinos using this soft tend to be somewhat homelike, which effects mood and game results beneficially. Though the choice of games doesn’t strike one’s imagination, the company well compensates for it through the low house edge in most
games plus reputation of the most fair online casino. Bossmedia casinos appeal to proffesional players as their games are more democratic and seem to be “real-casino-orietated” in terms of rules and atmosphere. Gold Club Casino – one of the major brands – stands out in the European market among the alike developers.
For more details and free bonuses check BossMedia Casinos.

P.S. Recently Boss Media has been renamed into GTECHG2. If you come across the name that runs like GtechG2 — don’t worry – it is Bossmedia, just the same. NOT availbale for USA players!


PLAYTECH – At the present moment the company is engaged in a compettitive strugle with thier eternal rival – Microgaming – longing for the top position in the online casino software market. Company’s leaving the USA market after the novel legislation introduced
in 2006 resulted in painful consequences for PLAYTECH. Most playtech casinos had to withdraw into the shadows, others were shut down and only key market players remained adjusting themselves to meet the demands of the European, Canadian, British and Australian markets.
Playtech realised that there was no time to waste and has started to develop and promote its iPoker by Playtech poker-room network, they open new casinos and do their best in Bingo-rooms as well.
Leading companies using playtech casino software are Casino.com, Mansion Casino, Casino Plex and William Hill Casino Group (EuroGrand Casino, Prestige Casino), the world-known bookmaker. NOT available for USA players.


MICROGAMING – This company is a big-name large-scale casino software developer. A total amount of games included in their last SW version exceeded 550!
The number of client casinos keep growing in a stable rate constantly adn their quality is constantly being improved. In addition Microgaming actively developes and promotes Prima Pcker Microgaming Poker Room, their own poker room network. Microgaming network attendance won the company one of the top positions in the most popular online poker room networks list. The casino software is also attractive because of a large number of progressive jackpot games. By the way it should be mentioned that Microgaming is the largest progressive jackpot casino game producer of these days. The first biggest online casino jackpot was won in Microgaming’s CaptainCocksCasino. How much was that? – $1.540. 000. What is important is that players win Microgaming progressive jackpots on a monthly basis! For more information see microgaming casinos. NOT available for USA players.


Net Entertainment – The Swedish software supplier. The company pioneered the casino software market back then in 2002. Originaly Net Entertainmetn intended to provide flexible gaming solutions and no-download online casino versions based on flash technologies. Their output was in demand with major bookmakers and sites not related to gambling for the company was able to offer casino games to their customers without any excessive money and time expenditure on their part. However, Net Entertainment software “secondary consumer” orientation could not facilitate company’s ability to meet the competion represented by the downloadable online casino market leaders such as Playtech, Microgaming and RealTimeGaming for a very long time. Since the European online casino market was expanding as the business in the USA was no longer possible online casinos on Net Entertainment platform had been winning more and more recognition from european players. In recent years NetEnt casinos has leaned forward and boost the output both quantitavely – increasing the number of progressive jackpots – and qualitatevely – regularly releasing new game machines with breathtaking gameplay and stunning graphics and all that happened in a single stroke. Unibet Casino and Redbet Casino are one of the most popular with players. For more information check Netent casinos. >> NOT available for USA players.


CRYPTOLOGIC / WagerLogic – It is considered that this company produces the most realistic online casino games. Despite the fact that the list of client casinos using their platform though they wear a famous name is relatively short these e-casinos enjoy high reputation and popular appeal among online players. Money is transacted by E-CASH DIRECT, the affiliate company, which basically is convenient and in its turn guarantees high transaction security between the casino and players. The most popular casino is InterCasino. For more information see Cryprologic Casino. NOT available for USA players.


888 / Cassava / DragonFish – Cassava company, the owner of extremely popular and superknown Casino-on-Net (888Casino), had been using RandomLogic software, Cassava’s child business unit produce for quite a long time. Only 4 years ago, owing to business expansion the company began to sell RandomLogic software to third-party e-casinos as online casino software. After reconstruction and rebranding, adopting a new software name of DragonFish instead of the original RandomLogic, the company began to actively promote their output and finally in the end of 2010 roughly two tens of casinos were using DragonFish software. What makes DragonFish software attractive is first of all its reliability and low house edge. The e-casinos using the DragonFish software are most popular with classic casino fans. For more information see 888 / Cassava / DragonFish casinos >> NOT available for USA players.


RTG / Real Time Gaming — Another major big-name sofrware developer. Because of special conditions on which the RTG license is granted a number of casinos happened to blacken the company’s reputation to a certain extend, though RTG can’t be found any fault with. Still Real Time Gaming software itself is equally competetive with the rest of major developers and, more to that, they even leave some behind in respect of certain paramenters. Main positive RTG characteristics are a small size of e-casino full version, short game length, player friendly rules and low house edge. Since RTG is one of the few software developers accepting the USA players, therefore other markets and counties are of no interest for RTG. The majority of casinos using their software are very old, major-league, high standing brands such as Inetbelt Casino and Bodog Casino. For more information see RTG casinos. Available for USA players!


Rival Gaming Casinos – One of the new entrants, who took advantage using online casino software thus safely bypassing new laws prohibiting any online casinos for the USA players. For the most part they focused their efforts on slot machines. Rival Powered invented their own know-how — i-Slots – these are gaming machines including side-games with a popular transparent gameplay. To tell the trueth, the company doesn’t have any significant advantages over the grands, but nonetheless Rival Powered has realised that now it is important to improve the SW quality and European game versions must be available to the public on the European market correspondedly. They release new games rather often, though.
It’s hard to say if they live up theirbreputation but still Rival Powered enjoys the popularity which remains more or less stable though the company is not that popular compared to the key software developers. For more information check Rival casinos page here. NOT available for USA players since 2011!


TopGame – Another internet casino software market “newcomer”. The company made the most of itself when key players had to leave the USA market after the ban emposed. But unlike Rival Powered, TopGame casinos didn’t run that smooth. TopGame online casino software only trails major software developers almost in all respects. Several scandals – some players were not paid off the money they won — tarnished TopGame’s reputation. Nonetheless, several very popular casinos keep working with TopGames and depositary bonuses several thousand dollars each well compensate for the choice of games which is not wide enough.
Available for USA players.