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Low Wager bonuses

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It seems like an age old battle when choosing a deposit bonus from a casino: Do you need one that gives you a bigger bonus amount or one with lower wager requirements? Low wagering bonuses are usually the way to go when picking out what kind of casino bonus is best, but players often trade this for the amount of money they can receive from the bonus. This article will break down the best low wagering bonuses to their basics and explain what to look for when seeking out these elusive specials.

The bread and butter of a low wagering bonus is the low wager requirements that the casino tacks onto it. The wager requirement, also known as the playthrough amount, is the number of bets that the casino forces the player to make before they can try to withdraw any of the money in their account. What this means is that when a player deposits a certain amount of money, say $20, and he get another $20 in bonus money, he starts with a bankroll of $40. The rules of the bonus promotion then tell him how many times he must wager that $40 before he can collect his winnings. A typical wager requirement is 30 to 50 times the deposit plus the bonus money. If the above player finds out he has a playthrough amount of 30 times, he must make at least $1,200 of bets before he can get any of his money out of his account.

This is why many prefer to hunt down deposit bonuses that have very low wager requirements, in the 10x to 30x range. The lower the number of wagers needed to fulfill the rules of the bonus, the sooner the player can truly call the money in the account his. The problem with low wagering bonuses is that casinos tend to limit the amount of bonus funds to be gained this way. It is not uncommon to find the percentage of funding in a low wagering bonus to be below the 100 percent mark, meaning players will find more 50 percent or 75 percent bonuses offered that 100 percent or more. Can a player still do well if that $100 deposit only nets them $50 in extra bankroll? Most gamblers will answer “yes.” A lower wager requirement is better for the player because that player stands a better chance of actually getting to the end of the requirements with an account that still has money in it than a high-paying bonus with a large wager requirement.

Therefore, finding the best low wagering bonuses means finding one that has the right balance between a low playthrough requirement and a high amount of bonus funds to be given out. That’s where Web sites like Casino Bonus News come into play. Here you can find the best low wager bonuses without searching through all of the casinos on the Internet by yourself. We will recommend only those casinos that are dependable and secure.