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Deposit bonuses

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Deposit bonuses disguise themselves under many different aliases: Matching bonuses, reload bonuses, weekly bonuses, daily bonuses, tiered bonuses and other names. You don’t have to do much detective work to uncover the way these bonuses work is essentially the same across the board. Casinos offer these bonuses to keep you spending your money with them. The bonus is an incentive used to get gamblers to make repeated deposits with the knowledge that their bankroll will be increased due to the bonus money handed to them after the deposit.

All of these types of bonuses take effect when the gambler adds cash to a real money account. In exchange, the casino will offer the player the chance to redeem a bonus code and the bonus funds will then be added into the player’s account alone with whatever money the player added. Usually this takes the form of a matching bonus or percentage bonus. The casino will offer a promotion where it will give the player funds based on how much the player deposits. Let’s say that the casino is offering a 150 percentage deposit bonus, and the player deposits $100. When that player starts making wagers, he or she will find they have $250 in their account to play with. A different type of deposit bonus that is still around but is getting harder to find is the fixed amount bonus. The casino will give the customer an exact amount of money, say $150 for a single deposit. The requirements for this deposit may be different than other offers, meaning the casino may require the player to deposit a minimum amount higher than usual, around $100 versus the $20 normally asked for.

Any deposit made after the very first deposit is called a reload bonus. Just like topping up the tank of your car, the reload bonus will top up your account. Generally, to receive any deposit bonus you must have played through the previous bonus funds, either by losing them or fulfilling the requirements of the bonus. Pay attention to the rules set out by the casino concerning deposit bonuses or reload bonuses. If you still have funds from a previous bonus sitting in your account, you may either lose what is left of that bonus or be ineligible for cashing in on the new bonus until that amount is gone.

Casinos may make deposit bonuses a special event. Different ones may give out bonuses for the first deposit of each month, any deposit made on Tuesdays only, a daily bonus for any deposit more than $100 and so on. Some give out special percentage bonuses based on how many bets you have made during a certain time. Some casinos will even send out word of special deposit bonuses that are available only to members of the casino’s loyalty rewards program or VIP club. Each casino has its own character and theme. Each tries to center its bonuses and promotions around those themes. It pays to keep checking back with each casino to find out when deposit bonuses are being given out, since many have a time limit or will only be available for a few days to promote a holiday or new game.

The tiered system of giving out deposit bonuses means that players will be offered a continuing series of bonuses over the course of several deposits. Each bonus may give out a higher percentage or give the same percentage but be redeemable over more deposits. Casinos may give players up to 10 reloads using the same bonus code. The advantage of this is that players have an ongoing guarantee of receiving a bonus any time they choose to use the code rather than having to wait for the weekly or monthly deposit bonus to roll around. These are great for players who plan on playing a lot over a short amount of time.

On this page we have gathered together the best deposit bonuses on the Web so that you don’t have to search the Internet for them on your own. These casinos are guaranteed to be the best in the business with the best reload bonuses that we can find.