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Roulette bonuses

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Gamblers who enjoy playing roulette may have figured out that online casinos don’t like to let you play that particular game with their bonus money. The problem is that you may not have figured out why. Some casinos do offer roulette bonuses, but the terms are not to the player’s advantage and the rules are not as easy to understand as the straight-forward rules of video slot bonuses. The roulette board is the easiest of the table games for players to take advantage of plain old bonus money, although if you haven’t got a mind for being sneaky you may not figure it out just by looking at the board.

The issue that online casinos have is in the way players can use the roulette wheel and a high-paying percentage bonus to their advantage. Players could take their bonus bankroll and make counter wagers, or putting the same amount of money on opposite bets, such as red and black or even and odd. As long as the ball didn’t settle on zero, the player didn’t lose at all. These counter wagers are also sometimes called zero-risk wagers or even money wagers. Whichever bet actually won would go back to their account. When someone had enough bonus money to cover the playthrough requirement of the bonus, they could easily use this method to clear the requirements and have plenty of money left over to either play games in the casino or cash out.
This means that roulette is one of the favorite games for gamblers to flock to when given a percentage bonus, no deposit bonus or free play bonus. It also means that casinos have started cracking down on keeping players from using this system. Online casinos have changed the rules on how players are allowed to bet with their bonus cash. Some even exclude roulette from the types of games that can be played even when the bonus being redeemed is specifically called a table game bonus. Finding a true casino bonus that can still be used on roulette without restriction is next to impossible

As a result, sometimes players can find roulette bonuses or roulette promotions that stipulate that zero-risk wagers will not count toward the playthrough requirements. Some roulette bonuses will only allow players to play the American version of roulette, or the one with a zero and a double zero, because that extra space gives the casino a major house advantage over a roulette game with only one zero slot. Even worse, while normal deposit bonuses give anywhere from 100 to 300 percent of the deposit to you in bonus funds, table game bonuses like roulette bonuses tend to be 100 percent or less. Even a casino doesn’t exclude roulette from its list of games that can be played using a promotion, it may weigh the game down by only allowing 25 to 50 percent of the wager count toward the playthrough requirements.

The good news is that roulette bonuses do still exist. They may be difficult to find, and players may need to read to terms and conditions of the rules much more carefully than with other bonuses, players can still find them. We have scoured the Internet for you to collect the best roulette bonuses available, just so that you don’t have to waste time tracking down each one by yourself. Please keep checking back with this page at Casino Bonus News.com to find out more about roulette bonuses and the latest trends in allow roulette to be played in generally bonuses. Also, if you need a refresher course on how to play roulette or the different type of roulette games, you can find that information here on our Web site.