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Craps bonuses

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Craps is the exciting dice game with the unfortunate name. Nothing comes close to the interactive fun of getting to roll the dice in your hands or watch your one of your fellow players toss them across the table. Online casinos try to replicate that action, and are getting closer to succeeding all the time. The problem for gamblers who love to play the game and also cash in on the amazing bonus deals that most online casinos offer is when they start to read the fine print of the bonus promotion and discover that the bonus will be voided if the player goes near the virtual craps table. Why do casinos hate giving craps bonuses? The answer may surprise some. The good news is that bonuses for craps players are available if they know where to look. First, let’s take a look at why the promotions for craps are so rare.

For anyone familiar with the game, it will be old news that the game features contrasting bets. Players can choose to bet that the person rolling the dice will win their round by putting their wager on the “pass” line, or they can bet against the shooter by betting on the “don’t pass” line. Alternately, they can choose to bet on either the “come” bet or the “don’t come” bet. Of these two sets of bets, one will always win while the other loses, so that one person placing a bet on both the “pass” and the “don’t pass” will never come out ahead, since whatever they win on one wager will be canceled out by the chips they forfeit on the other wager.

The player will not lose any money on these contrasting bets, either, and that is why making bets that cancel each other out is so popular with gamblers taking advantage of bonuses. In this situation, the contrast wagers are also known as zero-risk wagers or even money wagers. This means that players who are working through the betting requirements of deposit bonus or no deposit bonus can do so without wasting any of their money. They can make the require 30 times wagering requirements in a flash and come out the other side with all of their bankroll still intact. Or, they would be able to if online casinos had not caught this loophole and stopped it by removing the game of craps from the list of games players were allowed to make wagers on.

When table game players go looking for a craps bonus they must keep a few things in mind. Bonuses strictly for craps do exist, but they may stipulate that even money wagers will not count towards the playthrough requirements. In worst case scenarios, making a contrasting bet will forfeit the bonus altogether. Some online casinos will allow you to play the game without restriction, but only 25 percent of a wager on the craps table will count toward the playthrough requirements, so that in the long run a player will lose out on their full bonus bankroll. Another trick casinos use is they will give out craps bonuses, but they will have such very low amounts of money and such very high playthrough requirements that other bonuses will seem much more attractive.

Craps players don’t have to despair, though. The best craps bonuses online can be found on this very page, by following the links below and putting in the right bonus codes. Casinos don’t want to exclude their customers from their bonus packages. They simply want to retain their house advantage so that they don’t lose money and go out of business.