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Casino deposit methods at online casinos

The old saying “you have to spend money to make money” applies to everyone, whether you are in business or looking for gambling pleasure. Sometimes a gambler can get lucky and win some loot using up a casino’s no deposit bonus or free spin slot bonus, but it won’t be enough to supply him with a bankroll that will get him through for long. To have enough cash to bet big, you have to stake your real-life money. Plus, making a deposit into a real money account at a casino is a great way to take advantage of deposit bonuses. Which deposit method should someone use, though. There are dozens of ways to give your money to a casino. Not all methods are right for all players.

Credit Cards

The most obvious and the most popular way of depositing money into an online casino account is through a credit card. This payment option is full of good reasons to use it as much as it is full of pitfalls and problems. On the positive side, using a credit card is quick. There are no additional hoops to jump through when using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. Simply type in the card number and the amount you want to deposit, and you’re off and running. Credit cards are almost universally accepted at any online casino. In addition, legitimate online casinos offer all kinds of security features to keep credit card information safe.
The downsides are that credit card companies are worried about customers using their cards at online casinos. Some cards will block all transactions with anything that looks like it’s an online casino, especially in countries where making payments to online casinos goes against laws, such as the United States. In extreme cases, some credit or debit cards will allow players to make one payment, but then flag that payment as fraud and either shut down the player’s card or require the player to call the company to confirm the transaction. Or, the credit company will get wise to a player’s casino deposits and refuse to let any transactions go through to that particular casino.


The best alternative to using a credit card is to go through an e-wallet company. These are online banking companies where a player can put money into an account with a credit card or other payment option, then allow the account holder to buy items on the Internet, like books, clothing, movies or credits at an online casino. Players must first sign up with an e-wallet, then sign up at the casino separately, which is an extra step and confuses some players. There are major advantages to using one of these online banking methods, though. It not only lets players add money to a casino account instantly without causing a ruckus with the credit card company, but it also adds an extra barrier between the transaction and the player’s true credit card or bank account information. Even though reputable casinos keep their transactions as secure as possible, accidents do happen. This way, a player isn’t giving anyone full access to their main money account. Examples of popular e-wallet companies are PayPal, NETeller, Click2Pay and Skrill/Moneybookers.

Other Payment Options

If a gambler is either uneasy using these or they still cannot deposit money using these options, most casinos accept yet more ways of adding money to a casino bankroll. These can range from the traditional check sent by mail to a wire transfer or even using gift cards. The good news is that these methods are almost impossible to be turned down and cannot give the casinos too much information concerning the player’s banking information. The bad news is that, unlike credit cards and e-wallets which are usually instant payment methods, using a check, money order or wired money may take days or even weeks before the money shows up in the casino account. All is not lost, though. Online casinos are constantly expanding the payment options they accept. Each casino’s cashier window should walk you through the process of finding the quickest and best payment options for you.