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Online casinos accepting gift cards

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Have you ever heard that the only sure way to get a gift you want is to get it yourself? A gift card may seem like a silly self-present on the surface, but buying yourself a gift card when you plan to spend it at an online casino can be a smart investment. Gift cards are accepted at many online casinos as a way of making a first deposit or reloading your account with fresh funding. There are several advantages to using this form of payment over other types. Gift cards are very similar to a prepaid card or debit card, and some may even work exactly the same way. Most are only a one-time-use card, though. You can reload money on to a debit card, but a gift card is usually bought online or at a store for a specific amount. When that amount has been used up, the card is discarded. The owner of the card does not have to spend the full amount of the card at one time or with one single merchant, which makes them a flexible form of payment.

Most of the time the gift card is “activated” the moment it is purchased, meaning there are no extra steps needed before using the card for the first time. Cards can be bought using any other standard method of buying items, usually by credit card but most places accept checks, money orders, wire transfers or, in the case of buying a card in person, cash. Some cards may still require the one receiving the gift to activate it, but instructions for doing so will be provided with the card. As with all other card-type banking methods, Visa and MasterCard will be the two main backers of the cards. On occasion you may run into other gift card companies, but unless the card issuer has a lot of reputable information on it, it is best to stick to those places that offer only Visa and MasterCard as options.

When it comes to redeeming the gift card at your favorite online casino, the cashier’s window at the casino should give you the necessary instructions for getting the money off the card and into the real money account. Gift card users will soon find that deposit made this way will still make the deposit eligible for special casino bonus that the casino is offering. Online casinos offers a special percentage bonus on top of whatever bonus you are already receiving, simply as a “thank you” for using a reliable and speedy method for adding funds to your account. An extra bonus of 10 to 15 percent is the perfect way of jump-starting a real money bankroll

Since the cards are designed to be used only once, not only can a player not add any more money to the gift card, they cannot withdraw their winnings back to the gift card. If you use this method for depositing, you will have to choose a different way to take your money back out of the online casino’s account if you are lucky enough to keep some. Do your research before using a gift card at an online casino to make sure that casino has a withdrawal option that is compatible with you.