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Online casinos accepting Ecocard e-wallet deposits

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EcoCard is a popular online payment processing service that was developed in Europe and primarily used by those in the UK. It is a safe and secure payment method for those who wish to make anonymous payments online. Numerous online merchants have now started offering EcoCard as a primary payment method on their online websites. This includes almost all online casinos that have adapted the EcoCard payment option. If you visit any of the top online casino websites, you will notice that they all have now started accepting EcoCard deposits. If you really look around, you will surely find online casinos that accept EcoCard deposits.

EcoCard casinos are extremely popular, especially due to the EcoCard casino bonus that is offered by numerous online establishments. When you first join an online casino, you will get rewarded for making the first deposit, which is called the welcome bonus. Apart from this bonus, you will also be able to earn more bonus funds for using a suggested payment method. Casinos will often reward their players who choose to use EcoCard when making deposits to the casino. This EcoCard casino bonus is often referred to as the banking method bonus which is generally based on a percentage basis of ten to fifteen percent.

Using EcoCard is extremely safe and it provides for a seamless transaction experience. If you want to be able to make payments to online casinos and still be able to buy products online without having to share your personal information; EcoCard is the way to go. To get started, all you need is an EcoCard account and a source of funds. Only EcoCard will have information about yourself and your banking, but that is where it all stops. The online casino you deal with will never have this information, as it is never shared with them. This is one of the largest benefits of using online payment processor and not a credit card at the online casino.

The online casinos that accept EcoCard deposits will often have limitations on the amount of money you can deposit and withdraw. The minimum and maximum amounts are usually twenty dollars and one thousand dollars respectively, but these values will differ from one casino to the next. Additionally, not all casinos offer withdrawals through EcoCard even though they may accept deposits through EcoCard. Once you’ve found a suitable online casino that you would like to play at, it is quite important to consider reviews on that casino. Online casinos provide honest reviews from existing players and it would give you valuable information about the games, payout rates and customer service.

Knowing how to make EcoCard casino deposits will definitely be helpful, as you benefit from bonuses and instant casino credits. Unlike Wire Transfers or Money Transfers, by using EcoCard casino deposits, your casino account would be credited instantly with the amount of money you added. It all takes mere minutes, giving you a quick and seamless casino experience. As the casino player, you should be aware of the legitimacy of the online casino you are dealing with. EcoCard is completely safe and secure but if the same does not apply to the casino; it could end up quite disastrous. With many rogue casinos online, it is your task to make sure that the casino takes necessary steps to provide its clients with a secure payment experience.

The only downside for US players is that, they will not be able to use EcoCard for online payments. However, the payment processing service does provide transactions in Euros, US Dollars, UK Pounds and many more. If you’re looking for a secure way to make deposits into your casino account, this is one of the very highly recommended banking methods.