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Online casino payouts

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How do you know the casino you are signing up for is playing fair? You can do so by reviewing that casino’s payout percentage report. The best online casinos with the greatest reputations will be up front with their fair gaming standards. You can tell when an online casino is an honest one when you can easily find their payout percentage reports, whether on the casino’s Web site, on a third party site certifying the casino, or on a casino review site like Casino Bonus News.com.

The payout percentage of an online casino is a major source of information for helping online gamblers find the best virtual casinos. A payout percentage is what a casino pays out to its players when compared to the amount of money the casino takes in. For every bet the casino rakes in, the casino is supposed to set aside a certain amount in anticipation of one of its players winning it back. An online casino can only operate by earning money, which is one reason for the popular saying “the house always wins.” However, a casino’s gamblers will lose interest quickly if there is absolutely zero return on any bets they make.

For example, in a casino that promises a 99 percent payback, for every $100 bet, $99 is returned to players. Not everyone receives exactly 99 percent of their bets back. Some get lucky and receive more, while some run out of luck as they run out of cash. A casino’s payout percentage reflects the overall amount of money won back by all players at the casino. An online casino that has been certified to be fair to its players will have been audited by a off-site impartial third party vendor. Examples of these auditors are eCogra, BMM International, Price Waterhouse Coopers, or Technical Systems Testing.

Many casinos will simply publish a seal on their site proving they have been audited. Some will even publish a statement about fairness that links to their auditor or tells visitors what the casino’s overall payout percentage range is. However, the very best online casinos will dedicate a page to their Web site for keeping a detailed monthly report on the payout percentages of the various categories of games found in the casino. The categories are usually broken down into all video slot machines, table games, blackjack games or video poker payouts. Usually online casinos maintain payout percentages of 90 to 100 percent.

Because online casinos have less overhead and fewer staff to pay, they can keep their overall payout percentages higher than real world casinos do, which is one argument in favor of playing in online casinos only. While real life casinos are tested and regulated for their payout percentages, the rules for casinos in places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City say that the payback from slot machines can be as little as 75 percent. Most casinos average around 85 percent. Gamblers visiting these casinos certainly pay for the luxury of gambling on real machines and tables that require staff, maintenance and electricity.

Therefore, online casinos may not have fancy decorations, showgirls or cocktail waitresses handing out free drinks to you while you sit in your own living room, but they have to luxury of returning more of your money to you over the long run. For a professional gambler, this is a bigger incentive to keep playing than the free meal comps. Seek out the Web-based casinos with the highest payout percentages. Many not only list the most current statistics for their games, but may list stats from previous months as well, so that gamblers can spot the trends. The key is to stay on top of those trends. One casino may be better at paying out on its video slot machines, while another may show players hit a lucky streak at blackjack and won back more that the amount that was bet into it.

We keep up with only the best casinos on the Internet, which include only those that have been certified in fair gaming and excellent payback percentages. You can be assured that the casinos we have reviewed on this site will pay out better than any land based casino.