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One hour free play bonuses

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Casinos want to give you money just for signing up with it? Plus, they give you an hour to use it with few limitations? Welcome to the one hour free play bonus being given out by casinos that are serious about attracting new clients. The concept is simple. A player can open up a real money account at any of the casinos advertising this type of free credit bonus, check as to whether they need to download the free casino software or must play in the instant play Flash casino, and claim their free credits. Players then get to wonder around the casino for an hour, playing whatever games they want and getting a feel for way the software responds to their computer. A timer will usually appear on the screen so players can keep track of how much time is left. When the timer reaches zero, the stake disappears and anything above that amount is transferred over to the player’s real money total.

Each casino will spell out the details of this offer. The amount of bonus funds should be stated up front. Some casinos go with an even amount of $100, $500 or even $1,000 in bonus money, while some will offer some special amount that ties in with the theme of the casino, such as 777 Dragon Casino’s $777 deal. Only accept free time bonus offers from casinos that plainly tell you how much money they are giving you up front. Keep in mind that these offers are an introduction to the casino, which means they require you to place a certain amount of bets before letting you keep any cash you win above the initial amount of bonus funds. The terms of the one hour bonus play should clearly state how many wagers you must make within that one hour time frame. Some require a specific number of bets, like 20 wagers within the hour, or some will require that you make bets that sum up to a particular number of times of the bonus money. For example, an online casino that gives you $100 in free play money may ask that you make at least $300 in wagers before you can keep the winnings.

The timer that keeps track of the one hour casino free play is in effect only for the time you are actually online and playing. Should your computer lose connection or you log out of the casino before the time is up, the next time you join the casino you will see that the timer has stopped and you are free to continue to play. For this reason, many casinos will give new players a much longer time to collect the free time bonus and play through it, such as giving brand new players one week from the date of signing up to use up all of their hour of free play. In addition, the casino may place a time limit on how long players have to claim their winnings and transfer them to their real money account.

Each casino has their own way of letting players cash out their winnings. Many casinos will enforce a rule which says the new player must make at least one deposit before being able to withdraw anything they have won during their free play hour. Some casinos let the player have all of their winnings free and clear, while others put a cap on how much someone can win, like giving them $250 even if they have won $300 or more. As with any casino bonus, you should read through all the casino’s rules and regulations for a one hour free play bonus before taking on the challenge so that you are not disappointed when the hour is up. When new players choose to cash in on the one hour free play bonus offered by a casino, they may not be allowed to redeem any other welcome bonuses through that casino. The most important thing to remember, though, is to relax and have fun. Remember, you are getting to play in the most popular casinos on the Web on someone else’s dime. What’s not to love about that?