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High roller VIP bonuses

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VIP and high roller bonuses are more common than you might think. You just need to know where to look for them. Most casinos are open to everyone, including those of us who can only afford a few dollars a month and can only play a few minutes at a time. Online high rollers don’t bet as high as the ones seen in Las Vegas casinos, but they can certainly afford to deposit more than most players. That’s why some online casinos cater strictly to the high rollers of the virtual gambling community. They have promotions that outshine those that require a minimum deposit less than $100. In fact, many casinos have special bonuses for those who can afford to deposit no less than $750 to $1,000 a pop. And one of the most informative places to find casinos that offer the best high roller bonuses is right here at Casino Bonus News.com.

VIP players and those that the casino considers high rollers get special advantages that other players don’t. They often get more bonus money than other players simply by depositing more money at a time. Someone who can only afford to deposit $100 at a time, even with a 200 percent matching bonus will only receive an extra $200 to play with. Now imagine a 200 percent match on a deposit of $1,000. Anyone who can start off with a bankroll of $3,000 has a distinct advantage over other players. High roller customers will often receive more bonus offers and find themselves being offered other perks, too.

Most casinos will offer loyalty programs for all players, using a system of tiers or ladder rungs to distinguish between players of different ranks. Players who only wager a little over the course of a month can get a few comps, like a little bit of cash back from their losses. But high roller players move up the ladder of the VIP points program more quickly. They earn points at a faster rate than others, which means they earn more cash back per $100 bet than other players. They get entered into drawings for prizes that other players are not eligible for. They might even get comps on real-world casinos like free nights in hotels or meal vouchers. Some casinos even offer their highest level VIPs trips to special events that no one else gets to attend. Is it lonely at the top? Not at all, because high roller players might have a special staff member assigned to them to assist with their requests. Some casinos even give priority to VIP members when they request payouts. Each casino will tell you what you can expect as a VIP or high roller.

Players that have earned a casino’s trust when it comes to depositing larger amounts of money will find their limits raised. VIP players will be able to deposit even more at one time, and will be able to bet more on a single hand at the tables or slot machines. Does having more money at stake raise the excitement? That is for each individual high roller to discover. What is certain is that high roller gamblers and VIP players will be treated well at online casinos. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look for high roller bonus codes and the best casinos for high rollers.