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Monthly bonuses

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When people start out looking for a casino to play in, they don’t always start by looking at the ways they can receive bonuses month after month. Monthly bonuses can be a special way that casinos keep their players coming back time and time again. Casinos that offer these bonuses are out to keep your business, not just take the money from your first deposit and be content to let you leave. That’s why gamblers who are serious about their gaming should look into what kinds of offers and promotions a casino keeps giving after the welcome bonus has worn out its welcome. Monthly bonuses are one of the best ways to judge an online casino’s interest in keep players.

Monthly bonuses can take the form of reload bonuses where players must make a deposit once a month to receive a percentage bonus. This is the most common form and some of the best monthly bonuses can be percentage bonus features. Instead of the percentage bonus, some casinos may choose to offer a fixed value deposit bonus, where the player who makes a deposit receives a set amount of bonus money such as $50 each time. Every so often, though, gamblers may run across specialized monthly bonuses. Some casinos may hand out free slot spin bonuses to players who have placed a certain amount of wagers during the past month. Some may host special freeroll tournaments or give valued players free chips into the tournament of their choice. Even more exciting, some casinos may even offer their most valued returning customers a special code for a no download bonus, although that is extremely rare.

What are the advantages of using a monthly bonus? Without trying to be sarcastic, the player needs all the help he or she can get. There is a reason that professional gamblers remind themselves that the house always wins. The house has the advantage at every game, whether it be blackjack, baccarat or slots. There are games where players have the best chance at coming out ahead, and there are games that are exciting with heart-pounding action or entertaining graphics, but in the end, the casino’s payback percentage is going to favor the casino and not the player. That is where any bonus comes into play. Bonus funds are the best way players have of taking a winning advantage away from the casino. When a player’s bankroll gets doubled or tripled by promotions and comps, then the $10 that a player initially deposits becomes a whole lot more powerful. Monthly bonuses mean that the casino wants to keep you playing as long as possible, even if it means giving you a possible edge over itself. Monthly bonuses show a commitment to customer service and entertaining their customers that casinos with welcome promotions only don’t inspire.

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