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European online casinos

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There is no such thing as the typical European gambler, but there are definitely criteria that can be met when finding the favorite European online casinos. From their continental sophistication to packaging up the old world charm of a Euro casino, many online casinos for Europeans know their customers well enough to keep all of them satisfied, despite the differences among the many, many countries.

How does one find the best online Euro casinos? One of the first things to look for is how sincere the casino’s Web site is about offering technical support in a variety of languages. It doesn’t bode well for a casino to alienate potential customers by advertising itself as European-friendly yet not offering assistance in more than a couple of languages. Many of these sites, such as Spin Palace Casino and Europa Casino, will have a front page that lists multiple languages as well as advertising that they accept funds in euros as well as British pounds and other currencies. The online casinos with the best tech support will offer live chat 24 hours a day, but most will offer telephone numbers for players to call for help, and absolute best European casinos will list multiple numbers, so that customers in several different areas can get in touch with an operator within their own country that speaks their language.

In addition to keeping up with currencies, excellent Euro virtual casinos offer as many banking options as there are banks in Europe. Some countries prefer using their own special ewallet options, such as Austria’s EPS. Many prefer to use the online banking companies from their own country, but all are able to use the universal online baking options offered from companies like Click2Pay, PayPal, Skrill or ECO Pay.

After understanding the importance of language and finance when it comes to finding the best online European casinos, players looking for a European casino home should check out what kind of games these casinos have to offer. While video slot machines and video poker games are universally loved—and hated by the losers—European gamblers seem to gravitate toward table games more than players from other countries. Europe is the origin of many table games. Imagine a real-life French casino without a roulette wheel on hand, or any casino of style and grace refusing to host a game of baccarat. From blackjack to craps, table games are the European player’s dream.

Plus, European gamblers not only want to feel like they are in a virtual version of a real, traditional casino, but they also like to keep up with the latest technologies and stay cutting edge. Is it any wonder, then, that Europe was the originator of live dealer casinos? The favorite European casinos began hosting Webcam versions of popular table games like blackjack and baccarat being dealt by real live people with a real deck of cards. The best Euro casinos are offering their own versions of this innovative way of playing in an online casino.

The best casinos for Europeans don’t always have to originate from Europe, since a European gambler can join an online casino based on the other side of the world as easily as one within their own backyard. European casinos simply have the charm and character that Europeans are drawn to, though. With dozens, if not hundreds, of Euro online casinos to choose from, though, how does one find the right casino for him? Finding the best online casino for Europeans is as simple as glancing at the list of casinos on this page. We will gather and review the best casinos here, as well as present the casinos with the best bonuses for European gamblers.