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Blackjack Background

The game of blackjack is one of those universal games that appeals to every gambler. Any casino that has card games is certain to have at least one blackjack table. More likely, gamblers will find many tables with many rule variations or extra jackpots to draw in crowds. The basic game may be simple, but its history is both complex and mysterious. No one is really sure of the exact origins of the game, but the modern version traces its roots back to 17th century France and Spain where it was known as 21. When it made the leap to the United States, casinos attached the “blackjack” name to it by adding a bigger payout for anyone who hit the ace of spades and a black jack for their 21 points.

The goal of the game is to reach 21 points or as close to it as possible without going over. In the casino version, the gambler competes only against the dealer, with the highest score winning the pot. Being one of the easiest games to learn, as well as being the card game with the player’s best chance at beating the house, this game has become the most popular table game at every online casino available. The chances of finding an online casino that hosts more than one version is extremely high. There are more than a dozen different 21 games to be found. What each variation has in common is the need for the player to understand the fundamentals of the rules and strategies of the plain, simple original game of blackjack.

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Types of blackjack

If you have ever played a card game at home with your friends, then you know how easy it is for different players to argue about using certain rules. The good thing about playing in an online casino is that everyone has to follow the exact same rules during the course of the game. But casinos also like to cater to a wide audience by adding game with specific sets of rules. That’s why most casinos — online casinos included — offer many different types of blackjack. There are subtle differences in the payouts, winning hand combinations, bonuses and so on, but the basic rules for blackjack will still be in place. Any gambler can pick up on any of the different variations of blackjack as long as he or she has the fundamentals of the game under their comandl. After learning the basic strategy, thrill-seekers can look towards new challenges and new games to master by choosing from titles like Pontoon, Spanish 21, European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, Blackjack Switch, Super Fun 21 and many more.

Every player who wants to be a blackjack master should keep all of the conditions, rules and payouts of every blackjack game offered on file. Just like the different games of poker that are available, each blackjack game is different enough that some players will understand one game better than the next. Some games offer bonus features with special payouts, like getting paid more for hitting 21 using five cards, which other games don’t reward. The gambler needs to keep the games straight in his head so he will know when it is to his advantage to hit or stay, even if the typical blackjack strategy is to do the exact opposite.

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Different Software Means A Whole New Game

It’s no secret that different software developers supply the games for different online casinos. Some casinos may choose a multi-platform environment, meaning they use more than one software developer within their casino, but the majority sticks to only one gaming company when giving players games like blackjack. This can be both exciting and problematic to the full-time gambler, especially one who enjoys switching back and forth between more than one casino as well as switching among different kinds of blackjack. One software maker can create a blackjack game under a popular name, like Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, while another could name one of their games the exact same thing but give it different payouts or have slight nuances in the rules or gameplay.

All reputable software developers will use a random number generator. They will keep their blackjack games with the same odds of winning found in land-based casinos using a real deck of cards. However, not all random number generators will work exactly the same, and players may find that blackjack in one online casino favors the gambler more or less that the same game in another. Furthermore, while some developers will create a version of blackjack that will still payout three to two on a natural blackjack, some developers will fudge the payouts on specialty games and only pay the winning players even money. Different casinos will have different house percentages, different rules or different payouts. Players running bankrolls in two different casinos might see a much different outcome in one game versus another. They might even confuse the games and, therefore, confuse the rules.

This is why we have collected the rules of all the different types of blackjack in all the different available gambling platforms that we could find. You should use the articles here to get familiar with the different ways blackjack works from one casino to another. You can find reviews of blackjack from Real Time Gaming blackjack, Microgaming blackjack, Playtech blackjack, Rival blackjack games and many more. Please take a look at our articles to read the reviews of blackjack games from different software providers.

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