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European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series by Microgaming

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Microgaming has just released European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series. Does that sound like a mouthful? Well that’s because it is, and it’s only fitting for the extremely feature-packed and wild 21/Blackjack game. The Euro Blackjack Redeal Gold Series is offered up on every single Microgaming Casino as of April 2013, so you can actually get into the action and try it either with a free account balance or for real money. Now lets take a look at the rest of the review and you’ll see that Microgaming is up to their old tricks in bringing you the absolute cutting edge in online blackjack entertainment.

Some of you may be familiar with European Blackjack Gold and some of you may not. It’s an extremely popular hit game that is usually only found in online casinos. It is the standard European Blackjack rules that we will assume you are all familiar with, however, there is a big catch with the “redeal” version of the game. As you might be hypothesizing by the name of the game, a player may at any time during a round “redeal” the cards. He can choose to redeal his cards or the dealer cards, so you can begin to see how this adds another huge element of strategy into this particular version of blackjack. As you can imagine, there have been a ton of positive reviews and feedback so far for this new and improved innovation of European Blackjack. If you are a Euro or any type of Blackjack fan, you really should experience the added excitement of “European Blackjack Gold Redeal Gold Series” only available at Microgaming online casinos.

You can choose one of 3 redeal options – you can redeal both your cards, both of the dealer cards, or just one of your cards. All 3 will hold different strategy implications depending on what your hand and the dealer hand looks like. You might be wondering at this point how the casino can make any money off this game and how the advantage is so far into the player’s corner. Ok, so what is the catch here? A player may redeal a total of 5 times, however, some of the redeals will require a small fee (although, depending on the combination, not all of the time). All of the rest of the standard Euro Blackjack rules apply, including the Dealer standing pat on all 17’s.

As you can obviously see, European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series is a smashing hit and there’s no doubt why it has become popular so fast within the online gamblign community. Of course, Microgaming has a huge reach so whenever they launch a new game, there will be plenty of people to test it out. That also means that they need to be coming out with the absolute highest quality gaming experiences, and with European Blackjack Gold Redeal Gold Series they have hit yet another home run. Try this new game out toda at any Microgaming casino.

European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series
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