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Casino Dice Games
Shooting dice is one of the oldest forms of gambling around. It is also the simplest, since, at heart, all that was needed to start up an illegal gambling game was a pair of dice and some money. Gambling with dice has come a long way from just a simple street game, though. In casinos, these dice games are highly regulated, and the croupier is strict about enforcing what is a legal roll and what isn’t. The backbone to these games is the dice themselves. A single dice is called a die, and each die is a six-sided cube with dots on each side numbering the sides one through six. Throughout the years, dice have been made from bone, wood, ivory or animal hooves, though the ones found in casinos today are going to be made of plastic.
Casinos rely on dice games as an alternative to the ever-present use of card games. If a gambler isn’t on a slot machine, then he or she is most likely at a table playing a card game. Dice games sometimes get neglected by gamblers or dismissed as looking too complicated to play. Some feel the games are too easy to rig by replacing the casino’s fair dice with loaded dice which will give the player an advantage. This is one of the reasons dice games seem to work well within the environment of an online virtual casino. With no real dice to contend with and only a random number generator controlling the roll of the dice, these games are sometimes seen as being slightly more fair to the player than its real world counterparts.
What is completely fair to say is that casino dice games are an excellent way for new players to learn more about odds and betting strategies in a social setting. It is easier to be social in a real world casino, however. It is possible, but rare, to find an online dice game that tries to recreate the social nature of the original games.