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Blackjack Bonuses

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Professional gamblers absolutely love blackjack. The especially love blackjack bonuses and comps that let them use coupons for chips that they can then take directly to the blackjack table. Ask any pro that frequents brick and mortar casinos and they will tell you the best way to come out ahead at the tables is to gain a solid understanding of the basics of blackjack. What secret to winning do they have that the rest of the players out don’t have? They know the statistics of the game and the strategy to make the cards go in their favor most of the time. That’s why blackjack bonuses in online casinos are increasingly rare to find. Some do exist, and when you find them, you should take advantage as quickly as possible. Online casino blackjack bonuses are becoming the Holy Grail of promotions, as this article will show why.

Statistics show that blackjack is the best game in the casino for the player out of all others because the house advantage is the lowest. While the payback percentage of slot machines on land based and online casinos together is between 88 to 97 percent, with the average usually hovering around 92 percent, the payout percentage of a standard blackjack game tends to be much higher, with some online casinos reporting blackjack payout percentages of more than 100 percent. This means that of all the money being bet at a blackjack table, more than what goes onto the table is given back to players. For the casino, blackjack is at the best of times just covering the cost of running the game and at the worst of times a profit eater. Players skilled at this game, who follow basic strategy and understand why professionals play the way they do are going to do the best at this game. Factor in a casino’s promotions that give gamblers free money just to try out the casino and you can practically see the dollar signs floating in their eyes.

But not so fast, blackjack fans. Online casinos have gotten wise to the fact that skilled players have a chance at beating the house when using bonuses, and have therefore tightened the reins on players using welcome bonuses and no download bonuses to get ahead. Some casinos have cut out any blackjack game from the list of games players can use to play through their bonus requirements. Some casinos will let gamblers play some table games with bonus funds, but not blackjack. Some will even let gamblers take their bonus money to the blackjack table, but the cost is that players will be forced to deal with extremely high playthough requirements just to be able to cash out any winnings. For example, players who deposit $10 and receive $10 in bonus money can take that $20 to the slot machines and only have to make 30 times as many bets to come out into the clear, or $600 worth of wagers. But take that $20 to the blackjack table, and you might find that only 25 percent of what you bet is going toward making the playthrough requirement, so that instead of $600 in bets you have to make $2,400 in wagers before you can cash out whatever is left.

Clearly, finding an online casino offering a fair blackjack bonus is going to be difficult. It is not impossible; however, as some casinos have recognized that blackjack players love their game so much they will not accept a poor substitute of a casino bonus to be able to play. Casino Bonus News.com has rounded up the best blackjack bonuses on the Web so that table game players can find the bonuses they need all in one place. While playthrough requirements for blackjack promotions still tend to be higher and the amount of bonus money available lower than for slot machine bonuses, they still give blackjack lovers a chance to play some hands on someone else’s dime. So brush up on you skills at 21, Perfect Pairs, Blackjack Switch, Pontoon and all the other variations of this classic casino card game. You may still be able to come out ahead using one of the blackjack bonuses listed below.