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Video poker bonuses

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Video Poker is a cross between that age old game of chance called the video slot machine and the game of skill known as poker. The game is mainly a game of skill, though. If you know the right way to play and how to take charge of the variations of the game such as wild cards, you can cut the house advantage for the game down to one to five percent. When coupled with bonus promotions where the casino gives you extra cash to play on the games, a savvy player can figure out how to win enough to come out ahead on his or her bankroll after the bonus terms have been satisfied and the money is for keeps. Unfortunately, this is why many casinos won’t allow gamblers to use bonus money on video poker machines. The risk of losing money is too great for the casino. Someone who wants to play video poker but still cash in on one of a casino’s attractive bonus offers, therefore, needs to do a little bit of research and a whole lot of searching for a casino that meets their needs. Some online casinos offer video poker bonuses to players for whom slot machines just won’t do.

Advances in video poker machines seem like way in taking a player’s money faster, but they can come in handy for someone who knows the game well and can play the math behind the game rather than the cards that show up. Some variations of video poker now allow gamblers to play 100 hands in a single round, coming up with one hundred combinations of the familiar five-card hand that poker players know how to manipulate. Some variations of video poker have switched over to seven-card stud to try to trick novice players, although stud professionals are keen to get their hands on these machines. The graphics and sound quality on video poker is beginning to rival video slot machines, and so is the excitement factor. This game is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the floor, both for online and land based casinos. It almost seems like a no-brainer to offer video poker bonuses strictly for the players who flock to those machines. It seems like for every good deed a casino tries to do, there are those who try to game the system and either find a way around the rules or commit bonus fraud.
Opportunities for players to get their hands on video poker bonuses become scarce. One way players can play bonuses on video poker is to find casinos that specialize in video poker and offer the best video poker bonuses available. Another option is to find a casino that will allow players to use general bonuses on the video poker machines, although playing through a bonus on these games may take longer since many casinos don’t allow the full bet made on a poker machine to count towards the playthrough requirement.

The final word on whether bets placed on video slot machines count toward online casino bonuses lies completely with the casino itself. Each player needs to take it on themselves to read the terms of a bonus and understand those terms before signing up for the promotion. Video poker bonuses make take a little effort to find, but fortunately there are Web sites like Casino Bonus News.com that are willing to do part of the research for you. Here we will list the latest video poker bonuses and the promotions from casinos that favor players who want to focus on this thrilling game.