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Casino bonuses

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Do you need a refresher course on what each of the different type of casino bonuses are? If you aren’t sure of which bonuses are best for you or you simply need a dictionary describing what bonus terms mean, here is a quick guide on the types of casino bonuses and how to claim them.

All casino bonuses can be divided into two main categories – deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. The difference is that to claim a deposit bonus, the casino requires you to add money to an account to get credit for the bonus, while a no deposit bonus can be earned without the need to deposit any of your own money.

No deposit bonuses include:

No Deposit Bonus Codes: Casinos will give out codes for guests to type into the coupon box at the cashier’s window. These codes can be found on special promotional sites or news and review sites like Casino Bonus News.com.

One Hour Free Play Bonuses: Players will be given a set amount of free credits, usually $100 to $1,000, and a timer which lets players bet on certain games until either their money or their time has disappeared. Players get to keep any winnings earned more than the bonus credits the casino gave out. This bonus is usually handed out to brand new players who sign up for a real money account.

Free Spin Bonuses: Here players will receive a cache of spins on slot machines and can play through them, keeping any profits earned after all the spins have been used up. Casinos give these bonuses either as a sign up bonus, as a reward for anyone meeting certain goals or as promotions to announce brand new slot machines being added to the casino. A Free Spin Bonus shouldn’t be confused with a slot machine free spin bonus round which awards spins based on receiving bonus symbols on the reels.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus: Many casinos will give you a reward for having a friend who signs up with the casino and makes their own deposit. You will be given instructions from the individual casino on how the friend links himself to you and how you then receive your free money.

VIP Bonuses: Many casinos offer loyalty programs where players accumulate VIP comp points as they play, which can earn them cash back after earning a number of points.

Deposit bonuses include:

Percentage bonuses: Sometimes called matching bonuses, these hit when you make a deposit and the casino gives you bonus funds based on how much you have deposited. A 100 percent matching bonus gives you as much free money as you put into it. A 200 percent bonus gives you twice as much bonus money as the amount you deposited, and so on.

Fixed amount bonuses: You must make a deposit to receive the funds, but you will receive the same amount as someone who deposits more or less than you do. These are still around but are being replaced by the more popular percentage bonus.

Reload Bonuses: A sub-category of the percentage bonus, you receive bonus funds after making a second deposit or even more deposits after that. These can be known by their more descriptive names of monthly bonuses, weekly bonuses or daily bonuses.

Alternative Deposit Method Bonus: Some casinos reward players who make deposits using online ewallets or methods other than the old-fashioned check or credit card. Taking advantage of this can earn you an extra 10 to 25 percent of what you deposit.

Specific types of bonuses:

These are other terms you may run into while shopping for casinos and comparing the best casino bonuses.

Sign Up Bonuses: Also called welcome bonuses, these are the very first bonus the casino gives to new players signing up for an account with the casino, and will often be the best bonuses that a player runs into. If the sign up bonus is a deposit bonus, it may also be called a first deposit bonus. Sign up bonuses can also be one of the only times a player finds an excellent no deposit bonus.

High Roller or VIP Bonuses: These are given out to players who can afford to make huge deposits and huge wagers. Typically, a high roller in an online casino is considered one who deposits $750 or more at one time.

Low Wagering Bonuses: Each bonus requires you to make a certain amount of wagers before you can keep your winnings. These bonuses have much lower requirements that usual and are one of the main factors that players look for when deciding to accept a bonus.

Game-specific Bonuses: The majority of bonuses limit players to making wagers on slot machines only, but some casinos like to cater to players who enjoy table games. Some casinos give out bonuses for specific games such as blackjack bonuses, roulette bonuses, video poker bonuses, craps bonuses or other table game bonuses.