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Sic Bo by RTG software

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Sic Bo

A simple roll of the dice could make you a grand winner when you take a chance on the Asian game of chance known as Sic Bo. This fascinating casino game is gaining in popularity, mostly thanks to gamblers becoming more exposed to the game through online casinos like those that run Real Time Gaming’s software. With Real Time Gaming comes the thrill of playing Sic Bo with stunning graphics and sounds along with the reliability and security that comes with the software. Sic Bo is at heart a dice game. Three dice are rolled within a round, and the player’s job is to predict which numbers will be rolled. Players can try to guess one, two or all three values that the dice will land on. The bets are made on a Sic Bo board which at first seems a bit elaborate.

The simplest bets to begin with are the ones in the upper corners of the board. These are the “big” and “small” bets which are exactly what the name implies. Betting on the “big” square means you are predicting that the sum of all three dice are going to be big, or somewhere between 11 and 17. A bet for a small total means you feel the next roll will have a sum between four and 10. After that, players tend to gravitate their chips toward the single number bets, which are ones that predict that a specific number will be rolled on at least one die. If the number comes up on just one die, the player wins with his or her wager paying out even money. That payout increases, though, if the number shows up on two or all three dice. There are more complicated combinations that can be bet on as well, including bets for predicting that two of the dice will show two specific numbers, that the sum of all three dice will be a certain, exact total, or even that all three dice will roll the same number, coming up with trips. Players can bet that a particular triple score will show up, which pays 180 to one, or that any of the triple combinations will turn up, which pays 30 to one.

The advantages of playing the game in an online casino versus the real-world version become clear the more one plays the game. The speed of each round is much quicker online than playing with dice on a board shared by other people making bets. The RTG software keeps track of all the odds and payouts so that the player doesn’t need to keep track of how much he gets back on a particular win. Plus, it is easy to keep track of the betting limits for each type of bet since it is a simple matter of hovering the pointer over a particular square on the board to see the limits.

To make a bet on a Real Time Gaming Sic Bo table, the player needs to click on the chip stack until he reaches the amount he wants to bet for each click on the board. Then, he can click on any of the numbers, pairs or combinations he thinks will show up on this particular throw of the dice. Each bet only lasts for one throw, but if there is a certain betting combo the player thinks is best, he or she can click on the repeat bet button at the beginning of each round rather than try to make each individual bet every single time.

RTC online casinos give players an opportunity to try out the game for free using play chips before literally upping the ante by committing their real world money to the pot. This is surely a game that beginners and established gamblers alike can take on for the thrills it provides.

Sic Bo
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