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American Express casinos

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In many ways, American Express can be forgotten in the realm of credit cards. It struggles to be noticed under the shadow of the more widely accepted Visa and MasterCard. Online gamers, especially those in the U.S., need to take a second look at this card. Not only are there a good amount of online casinos that accept American Express, there are a few that give card holders special incentives for using this credit card with them. Gamblers who hold American Express cards should check with their chosen online casino to find out if they take American Express.

This credit card, sometimes called AmEx, can be used quiet often at casinos that are open to U.S. players, not surprisingly. Even though the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act created by the United States government means that AmEx will not allow transactions with casinos, the online casinos themselves will gladly accept it as a form of payment and often disguise the fact it is a casino with a non-descriptive company name. Often, an online casino with give a special bonus in the form of an extra percentage bonus to encourage players to use their American Express Card. Sometimes the casino kicks in an extra 10 to 20 percent of the deposit as ready cash into the bankroll.

AmEx card holders may find other incentives for using this credit card. Because of its high standing, using this card may mean that players enjoy a higher deposit limit right off the bat compared to other depositing methods. American Express cards are notorious for their security, which is an excellent reason to use them online. The downside is that the AmEx company is also more likely to realize that the player is trying to make a deposit to an online casino and try to flag or disallow the transaction. However, if the transaction goes through the money will be available almost instantly, and anything that gets players started toward the slot machines quickly makes them very happy indeed. Plus, as most online shoppers know, American Express is not just limited to customers within the U.S. Players from around the globe can sign up for an AmEx card that fits their spending limit.

One problem gamblers encounter with trying to get an AmEx account is that, because the card is so secure and strict, it is sometimes difficult to actually get a card if the person has credit problems. Another issue American Express users face is that, unlike Visa cards, AmEx joins MasterCard in being unable to accept funds being placed back onto the card. This means players who use this as a deposit method will have to use and alternative for making a withdrawal from online casinos. This means usually gamblers are stuck with using a much slower method for retrieving their money, like waiting for a check to be mailed out. All players need to weigh out their deposit and withdrawal options at each online casino before opening an account.

In general, casinos using the gaming platforms of Real Time Gaming or Top Game gladly accept American Express. Other casinos may also take the card, so players who want to use AmEx as their preferred depositing option should check the banking section of each online casino’s Web site for the list of credit cards the casino takes. Or, gamblers can simply refer to the list of casinos linked below. Casino Bonus News.com has taken the time to review the best online casinos for American Express users. Our top choices can be found on this page. Bear in mind that the list of casinos that accept Amex as payment may change quickly. Some players may need to check back frequently to learn which casinos are beginning to open up for American Express credit card users.