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Bodog UK new license

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Soon after the Minister for Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose, announced that all gaming operators present on the British market will have a right to work with British players and to place advertisements in the UK only in case they possess a UK license, Bodog UK has been given by the UK Gambling Commission both remote and non-remote licenses. Bodog UK, which is the newest branch of the Bodog Brand’s licensee portfolio, will run bodog.co.uk only for the UK casinos players under its new license for remote casino and sports betting. The company’s ambition is also to take a strategic position on the high street, using its non-remote license to run a land-based casino business.

Patrik Selin, executive officer of Bodog, said that being issued a license by the most respected and fair regulatory regime in the world is an extremely good start for them. It is well known that the UK enjoys the immeasurable trust and credibility in the online gambling industry. The possibility of launching Bodog UK is a huge award for the company which is profitable not only for their customers but for Bodog as well. They are sure that after it the best talent in the online gaming will work with the company.

The UK has always had the best reputation among the world gaming community and their decision to create a new fair licensing procedure that allows to level the playing field for gaming operators and keep the UK famous high consumer protection standards is thoroughly supported by Bodog.