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7 best US online casinos – English Harbour Group of casinos – shut down.

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One of the oldest existing online gaming sites, the casino group called English Harbour, has been shut down followed by 6 other online casino sites. Online gaming sites continue to close. Among companies deleting their sites on the net are English Harbour, VIP Slots, Silver Dollar Casino, Caribbean Gold Casinos, Super Slots, Slots Galore and Millionaire Casino. At the weekend on the casinos’ sites appeared a closure notice informing players that they have to withdraw or play out the money on their accounts. They have time till the 1st of August, 2011 to do that.

The future of the websites and their platforms seems rather sad. After more than ten years of working successfully and being acknowledged as the best operators in the gaming market by GPWA, CAP and Affiliate Guard Dog, nothing will remain of the “Casino Coins” group. Players will see a 404 error page on the group’s sites; domains won’t be sold and player accounts won’t be moved to other gambling sites.

The legal situation in the USA was the main reason for shutting down the sites. Numerous indictments and a close scare after nabbing in Guatemala of one of the payment processors were enough for the owners to close their business. Actually, they got out in time as the US Government is not likely to stop accusing betting operators.

The websites’ owners found themselves at risk after the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act had taken on masses of the US high roller casino players. After years of successful work payment processing became more and more risky, websites were being closed and their bank accounts frozen. The shutdown of this casino group is related to the closure of such sites as Nine.com and VIP.com. This group will be missed by players who enjoyed playing at their casinos. It’s a great pity that so reputable and popular online casinos group ends up this way, but at least they do it on their own terms.