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Playtech Tries to Get Licensed in New Jersey

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New Jersey is trying to become known as an innovator when it comes to regulation for online gambling in the United States. The Jersey Gambling Commission and Playtech have been in talks for a while that have resulted in Playtech officially applying for a New Jersey gaming license. Alan Maclean, the Economic Devloper Minister for New Jersey, indicated that the online casino
software giant’s interest in a New Jersey electronic gaming license was a great step for the state and showed that New Jersey is recognized internationally as being a forerunner in the United States.

In March of 2011, New Jersey passed a law that set up a framework for remote online gambling regulation. This framework allows New Jersey to offer licenses to online gambling businesses, and it allows these licenses to be given out without the companies needing to be licensed in other areas. Before this law was passed, New Jersey could only grant licenses to companies in very
specific situations including when the company was licensed in another area but could not operate there for some reason. These changes open up a lot of opportunities for online gambling licenses in New Jersey since the requirements have been
seriously changed.