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Some facts about gambling addiction

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Though gambling is fun for some people, it can also turn out to be a night mare to others. The activity can be addictive to some people and this is when things really get tough. For addicted gamblers, the game loses its initial fun factor and all that remains are the psychological and financial issues among others. Given the fact that addiction to gambling is any gambler’s worst nightmare, it is essential for us to examine some of the facts about this addiction. By understanding these facts, it might be a bit easier for you to be able to refrain from being affected by the condition.

1. The first fact that we will examine is that of female tendencies. Reports have indicated that females who have problems with gambling are usually old and above the age of 45 years. In addition, they are known to gamble alone and often do not have that much skill or experience.

2. It has been reported that there are certain common causes of gambling among females. It has been established that most female gamblers develop the habit as a result of mental factors like anxiety, loneliness and depression among others. They have also been known to develop the condition as a result of broken relationships and problems at work.

3. It is also vital that we look at the male tendencies. Reports have indicated that unlike the females, males develop their gambling problems earlier and at the age of about 35 years. In addition, they often choose games that are very competitive.

4. Male gambling problems have been reported to develop as a result of various factors. These include low self-esteem and certain insecurities. They are known for turning to gambling in an attempt to improve the way they feel about themselves. However, in most cases, they often find themselves overwhelmed by the new problems that the habit creates.

5. It should be noted that gambling has phases and it is vital that we take a look at these. The phases are split into three, that is, the winning phase, losing phase and the desperation phase. During the wining phase, the gambler usually has a good number of winning opportunities. During the losing phase, the addict starts gambling alone and often withdraws from relationships. The last phase is the desperation phase, where the gambler increases the time spent in the activity and psychological problems start to develop. During the last phase, there is also a possibility that the addict could start abusing drugs and engaging in illegal activities.