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Win Jackpot on Playtech Slot Machines with Progressive Jackpots

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Win Jackpot on Playtech Slot Machines with Progressive JackpotsThose who like to play on slot machines with progressive jackpots in Playtech online casinos should take into account some of the slots, the jackpot of which has long passed the million dollar mark.

One of these slots is Beach Life, which has always been the main slot machine with a progressive jackpot at online casinos of Playtech. To date, this slot offers the largest jackpot of $ 2.39 million. Over the past five years, the lowest winning on slot Beach Life was $ 359, 268 while the highest was $ 8,211,488, so even statistically it is difficult to make a forecast.

Funky Fruits slots can be played by making various bets on a variety of different progressive jackpots. The rate of $10 can bring a $1.69 million, and the rate of $5 can bring $0.84 million. It is recommended to start with $5, because the average payout of the slot is $0.58 million. Funky Fruits is an unusual slot, which is why many players avoid playing it. During the game you need to collect a combination of five or more characters, aligned vertically and (or) horizontally, which brings big prizes. To win the full progressive jackpot players need to collect 25 cherry characters with a maximum bet.

There are other big jackpots as well, such as Jackpot Giant can bring a jackpot in the amount of $2.3 million. This is a relatively new slot, which for now has brought a victory only to one player. The prize was $6.4 million. Jackpot on the Gladiator slots is $0.99 million. Its average payout is $1.4 million. Wall St. Fever is currently the best Playtech slot with a progressive jackpot.